We thank you for your interest in “Good Dog: Practical Answers to Behavior Questions” and “Good Cat: Practical Answers to Behavior Questions” by author Steve Dale.

“Good Dog!” taps into some of the most common and difficult-to-conquer behavior issues in puppies and adult dogs alike. Written in Q&A format using questions from real-life pet owners, “Good Dog” tackles such topics as dogs’ aggression towards people and other animals; training challenges; noise and separation anxieties; excessive barking, jumping and chewing and cognitive dysfunction. A section on unusual topics gives advice on canine grieving, surprising food choices, how to name a dog and even how to costume a reluctant pooch for Halloween.

Coming Soon– “Good Cat!” answers the complicated feline questions and real-life examples are served up in this comprehensive guide. The book features advice on how to handle litter-box issues, feline anxieties, excessive scratching and other destructive behaviors, and feline aggression toward other cats, dogs and people. Tips on adoption and training will help cat lovers welcome a new cat into the household.

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